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1st trip to the that will help your kids enjoy going!

1st trip to the that will help your kids enjoy going!
Is your child ready for the dentist? Are you concerned about how their teeth are coming in and want advise? Not sure how to get your child excited about going to the dentist? Here are few tips on helping them overcome the first appointment and looking forward to returning. 
  1. Start Young. Make it a point to take your child to the dentist for the first time by the time they turn two. ...
  2. Have a Positive Attitude. ... If you talk well about visits at the office then they will hear and get positive vibes.
  3. Do a Practice Run. ... ask your dental office if you can bring the child over to meet everyone, check out the chair and maybe take ride up and down for fun!
  4. Make a Pre-Visit Appointment. ... call or come into the office before you bring your child to discuss any concerns or specific personality traits the dentist and hygienist should know prior to your child coming in. 
  5. Let the Dentist /Hygienist Work. ... even though you think things will go smoother if you help to explain, or guide your child, remember that the Dental Professional has experience in this department. Let them attempt to talk, explain and show your child first. 
  6. Don't Take Your Child to Your Dental Appointment. ... Its important that the child's first appointment is all about them. having them sit with you, on your lap may create more anxiety for the child and will not make the appointment pleasant for anyone. 
  7. Emphasize Good Oral Hygiene. ... show them how you brush at home, and encourage them to brush their teeth, use a timer and listen to music to encourage longer brushing times. 
  8. Make it Familiar. If you drive by often point out the office, if you see a commercial or something on social media, ensure you take moment and say 'this is where you get your teeth cleaned!" 
  9. REWARD.....if the child does well and has a good appointment encourage that behavior with a well deserved reward ( like a stop at the local park ). 
Ask questions, share knowledge and earn Z points.

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